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A New Brand Experience For A Fashion Brand

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Bra-serie, a lingerie brand founded in 2018, faced critical hurdles in establishing a distinct identity and gaining market traction. Despite offering superior products, the brand grappled with low brand awareness, an inconsistent brand image, and lackluster content that failed to resonate with its target audience. This conundrum impeded Bra-serie's ability to stand out in a competitive landscape crowded with established competitors. Moreover, Bra-serie recognized the industry's lack of diversity representation and aimed to become an essential choice for all women, irrespective of body type, ethnicity, or age. To achieve this vision, a comprehensive overhaul of its marketing, branding, and content strategies was imperative.

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The Website Shop's Senior Marketing’s integrated brand work set the stage for Bra-serie's new market entry that provided a cohesive look and an amplification approach to support this unique offering only available at Bra-serie

This approach succeeded because it:

  • Established Consistency: By creating a cohesive brand identity and messaging strategy, we ensured that The Delaney presented a unified front to the market, enhancing brand recognition and recall.

  • Highlighted Unique Value Proposition: Through meticulous market analysis and creative ideation, We effectively showcased The Delaney's unique offerings, setting it apart from competitors and capturing the attention of potential customers.

  • Maximized Brand Amplification: Leveraging integrated marketing channels and creative platforms, we amplified Bra-serie's brand presence, increasing visibility and engagement across various touchpoints.

  • Supported Market Entry: Our strategic approach provided Bra-serie with the necessary tools and support to navigate its entry into the market successfully, establishing a strong foundation for future growth and expansion.


Driving Success


We quickly developed a deep understanding of Bra-serie's primary target audience’s needs, the community’s unique points of difference, as well as actionable knowledge of the competitive landscape in order to set the foundation for success of this new brand:

  • Audience Personas

  • Brand Positioning & Story

  • Creative Platform Ideas

  • Sales Materials & Advertising

  • Website & Digital Performance Marketing

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